Simple Steps of Effective Networking

  • Set a time frame each week or month for your networking. Plan to attend a specific number of meetings or events at which you can network.
  • Make sure your other tasks and responsibilities fit around these meetings. It's best to balance networking with your other lead generating activities. This way you can measure the value of your networking leads against the time spent acquiring them
  • Understand why you are there - to begin relationships - not to sell. Networking is the first step in a long run. Don't rush.
  • Ask people questions. Learn about them and their business. This is how you pre-qualify them. If they meet your target criteria ask for their card.
  • Don't sell yourself. It's okay to tell people what you do. Give your "30 second commercial” .You are there to gather information and to meet people, not to sell.
  • Ask questions, listen and engage people. This is the fastest way to develop rapport with someone. It's also the best way to determine quickly if they are someone you should be doing business with.
  • Manage your time and conversation so you can meet enough people to justify your time spent networking.
  • The best way to begin a relationship is by giving someone something - like a referral. It doesn't cost you anything.